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What is 4 Wheel Alignment?

It's important to maintain your vehicles wheel alignment to ensure all wheels point in the same direction so that your vehicle drives in a straight line.

Wheel alignment measurements are specified by motor manufacturers, so it's vitally important to have the wheel alignment checked and corrected if need be. By ensuring your wheel alignment is correct you are reducing the chances of premature tyre wear, improving the efficiency of your vehicle by reducing drag, maintaining optimum control and performance from your vehicle, keeping safety levels to the maximum and even reducing fuel consumption.

When having all four wheels aligned, three main elements will be checked and corrected:

How do I know if my wheels are misaligned?

There are signs to look out for which will signify even the slightest misalignment of your cars wheels:

When should I have my wheel alignment checked?

As a general rule you should have your wheel alignment checked once a year. However it is highly recommended you have your wheel alignment checked when:

Why choose 4 Wheel Alignment?

The components on modern cars are becoming ever more complex. Comfort, performance and handling are traits which are specifically included in the design of modern vehicles, each of these elements are all heavily affected by the misalignment of your vehicles wheels.

2 wheel alignment, also known as tracking or toe adjustment is available at most garages. However, if only the two front wheels are aligned you are very likely to still notice some of the previously mentioned problems - meaning the safety of your vehicle as well as the general wear and tear on your vehicle could still be heavily at risk.

Currently the following HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres offer our 4 Wheel Alignment service:

Erdington, Nottingham, Kettering

Call your nearest fitting centre which offers this service and one of our fully trained technicians will be happy to help with any queries you might have about 4 Wheel Alignment.