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HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres Servicing Options

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Easy Servicing Prices

Gold Car Service

Silver Car Service

Oil & Filter Change

Service up to 1600cc £120.00 £78.00 £35.00
Service 1601cc to 2500cc £140.00 £99.00 £35.00
Service 2501cc to 3500cc £150.00 £110.00 £40.00
Above 3500ccc call your local centre for a price More Information More Information More Information

All Servicing prices include synthetic oil. If fully synthetic oil is required, this will be subject to an additional charge on the day of the Service.

For Gold or Silver Servicing - please note: vehicles requiring platinum or iridium plugs will also be subject to an additional charge on the day of the Service.

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Today's vehicles undergo tremendous pressure to supply peak performance through varied and often extreme conditions. That's why it's recommended that you should fully service your car every 12 months or 12,000 miles minimum - whichever comes first, or at suggested service intervals by your on board vehicle computer (which vary by manufacturer). Car servicing is essential to proactively maintain your car and reduce the risk of a breakdown - after all, nobody likes an unexpected garage bill! Regular servicing will also help to maintain your car's value.

Our fully trained technicians are ready and happy to undertake whichever service you require.

What are your car servicing options with HiQ Easy Tyre?

We like to keep things uncomplicated. That's why we offer our customers the simple choice of our Gold Car Service or Silver Car Service.

With the Gold Service, your vehicle will undergo a comprehensive 4-stage service using the very latest diagnostic equipment (find out more).

Our Silver Service is a straightforward interim service designed to give your vehicle a clean bill of health (find out more).

We also offer an Oil & Filter Change that will ensure that your engine runs and performs smoothly (find out more).

HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres have service locations situated throughout the Midlands, all of which offer a selection of cheap and convenient car servicing. Choose your nearest branch to book your car service online, or simply call them to book a convenient appointment.

HiQ Easy Tyre Car Service Centres:

This is a premium, comprehensive 4-stage service. Using the very latest diagnostic equipment, our expert technicians will check everything from seat belt operation to the exhaust system; brake pipes to suspension springs. We'll also replace the engine oil, oil filter, engine air filter, spark plugs (and where applicable points and condenser), top up fluids and lubricate grease nipples. Whatever the age of your vehicle, an HiQ Easy Tyre Gold Service is the best way to keep in peak condition.

More information and full work schedule

This is a simple interim service undertaken by our fully trained technicians and designed to give your vehicle a clean bill of health. Our Silver Service involves draining and replacing the oil, the oil filter and the screen wash fluid. Your vehicle will also undergo a thorough inspection of everything from shock absorbers to the exterior lights.

More information and full work schedule

In order to keep your vehicle running and performing smoothly, it's essential that it receive a regular oil service. Oil helps prevent friction and protects the mechanical components in your engine from undue wear. Over time engine oil can lose the ability to lubricate effectively and as a result, low, thin or old oil can cause the internal components to wear at a much faster rate. That's why manufacturers and car experts recommend that your oil be changed every 12 months, or even sooner for higher mileage vehicles.

More information and full work schedule