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Dunlop 4x4 Tyres

Buy cheap Dunlop tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

It has been said that Dunlop is the 'driver's brand choice'. Many of the world's leading car manufacturers trust Dunlop and fit their tyres as standard. Dunlop 4x4 tyres are available to buy online for fitment at your local HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres.

Grandtrek AT2 & 3

Buy Cheap Dunlop Grantrek from HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

The Grandtrek AT2/3 is an all-terrain 4x4/SUV tyre that achieves the optimum balance of on and off-road performance.

  • Improved performance on gravel and dirt road with highly rigid pattern
  • Low noise and superior wet grip
  • Reversible sidewall design

SP QuattroMaxx

Buy cheap Dunlop quattre max tyres at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Ultimate handling sporty SUV tyre, developed for the most demanding and heaviest SUV's.

  • Increased steering precision
  • Excellent wet handling and braking
  • Improved road feedback and heavy handling performance

Grandtrek Touring A/S

Buy cheap Dunlop Grandtrek Touring tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

On road all season tyre with asymmetric construction, optimised to provide enhanced road feedback in all summer and winter conditions.

  • Low rolling resistance
  • High mileage and substantially reduced braking distance
  • Double kerbing ribs providing maximum protection

Grandtrek SJ6

Buy cheap Dunlop grantrek tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

The new Grandtrek SJ6 is a studless tyre designed for winter conditions both on-and off road, with its directional pattern design and 6 wide circumferential grooves.

  • Increased number of blades provide better performance in wet and on snow
  • Wider grooves in the tread pattern to increase water evacuation, and reduce risk of aquaplaning

SP Grandtrek ST1

Buy cheap Dunlop SP Grandtrek ST1 tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

The ideal all-season tyre for small and medium 4x4s, the SP Grandtrek ST1 offers an excellent performance all year round. This on-road tyre delivers excellent stability at high speeds and can even cope in tough winter conditions.

  • Directional groove pattern ensures exceptional stability at motorway speeds
  • All season tread design with large grooves can rapidly evacuate water and slush, decreasing the risk of aquaplaning
  • Lower noise levels due to a rigid double center rib
  • SilicaPlus compound means enhanced grip even during low temperatures

SP Sport 270

Buy cheap Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

With superb grip and excellent cornering stability, the SP Sport 270 is a premium summer tyre for 4x4s. The SP Sport 270 can cope with on-road conditions, offering excellent traction on all kinds of road surfaces.

  • High performance tread compound offers great grip in all conditions
  • Excellent response to varying road conditions
  • Biting edges mean enhanced traction on all terrains
  • Reduced noise