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Do you think you may have a problem with your exhaust system?

There's a lot more to your cars exhaust system than you might think – which means there are numerous elements which might cause problems on your vehicle.

The exhaust system is the part of your car that is designed to safely get rid of poisonous gases generated by the engine. A failure in the system could mean toxic gases make their way into your car and have detrimental effects on the health of drivers and passengers alike.

As well as protecting you, the exhaust system helps to protect the environment. The harmful gases are passed through the catalytic converter which makes them slightly less harmful to the outside world before they are expelled through the exhaust pipe. As a result of this, the exhaust system actually helps to boost engine performance and improve fuel consumption too.

The exhaust system also controls the noise of the engine. The muffler and silencer work hard to absorb and control the noises of a hard working engine. These parts should be regularly checked as it is often these that are exposed to the elements, which corrode and require first signs of wear.

All the components which make up a vehicle's exhausts system

Because it's tucked away it's not always easy to notice problems developing - unless you listen carefully. Usually exhaust systems give off distinctive clues when they have a problem. You might notice the following:

If you have noticed any of the above, or if you've any other concerns with your exhaust system simply pop into one of our centres where our exhaust specialists will be more than happy to carry out a free of charge inspection.

Our expert staff will diagnose any faults and we can then quickly decide on the best course of action. If the problem has been spotted early enough, it's possible that only one small part needs changing as opposed to the whole system - saving you time and money.

Here at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres, we supply a broad range of exhausts to fit most popular makes and models - all at competitive prices.

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