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Falken 4X4 Tyres

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Falken Tyres are best known for their ultra high performance radials, design and affordability. Falken tyres are available to buy online for fitment at your local HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres.

Wildpeak A/T AT01

Falken's high-performance all-terrain tyre for SUVs and pickups is a rugged tyre designed for excellent traction. The symmetrical tread pattern and open tread design at the shoulder effectively disperse water and mud in on and off-road travel conditions.

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Wildpeak A/T AT01 Features:

  • 4 wide tread grooves for excellent dispersion of water, mud and snow to be cleared while sharp block edges ensure excellent propulsion.
  • The open tread design of the tyre shoulder ensures water and sediment is displaced effectively in all types of weather in on and off-road use.
  • Stronger side walls thanks to a new type of central filler.


The AZENIS FK453CC provides a striking profile design with one narrow and three wide longitudinal grooves for taking up and draining large volumes of water - and delivering exceptional high speed stability. Ribs integrated into the shoulder area of the tyre allow for great tread bite through the water film and offer excellent aquaplaning resistance.

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Azenis 453cc Features:

  • Three wide longitudinal grooves deliver exceptional high speed stability and aquaplaning resistance.
  • Integrated offset sipes on shoulders to disperse water film - ensuring improved wet handling and outer walls have higher stiffness to boost stability when cornering.
  • Alternating phase-shifted tread blocks cut noise levels.