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Falken Car Tyres

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Falken Tyres are best known for their ultra high performance radials, design and affordability. Falken tyres are available to buy online for fitment at your local HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres.

SN828 (car)

The Falken SINCERA Series focuses on economy, comfort and durability, making the SINCERA a great choice for cost-conscious drivers. This low-noise tyre features outstanding directional stability even at high speeds, and an upgraded compound with added silica provides significantly improved aquaplaning resistance.

Buy cheap Falken SN828 tyres at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Sincera SN82 Features:

  • 4 groups of ribs, maximising block rigidity: outstanding handling and ride.
  • 3 straight grooves and angled lateral grooves: superbly balanced wet performance.
  • Straight centre ribs: superior directional stability at high speeds.
  • Wave-shaped sipes: enhanced riding comfort.
  • 5 random-pitch variation minimises noise.
  • With SPECIAL EYES® - tyre wear indicators.

ZE914 (car)

The asymmetrical tread design of the tyre shoulders and the four longitudinal grooves guarantee excellent road grip and improve water clearance as well as braking and handling in wet conditions. The stiff tread blocks enhance directional stability and add sportiness to cornering. Small horizontal grooves and sipes optimise handling and driving comfort.

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Ziex ZE914 Features:

  • Excellent grip.
  • Low tyre rolling noise.
  • Enhanced rolling resistance.
  • Particularly suited to sporty performance.
  • With SPECIAL EYES® - tyre wear indicators.

FK453 (car)

Falken's flagship product, derived from thousands of miles of race track and test driving. Three wide and one narrow longitudinal grooves ensure exceptional high speed stability and aquaplaning resistance. A round shoulder profile enlarges the tyre footprint to deliver traction, and high stiffness in the outside wall helps to improve cornering. The addition of silica to the new NUR- Spec* rubber compound has delivered improved handling, durability and superb wet grip.

Buy cheap Falken FK453 tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Azenis FK453 Features:

  • Ultra-agile handling.
  • Low noise at all speeds.
  • High safety and stability.
  • Safe and secure lane changing.
  • Highly stable in fast cornering.
  • Outstanding aquaplaning resistance.
  • Improved wet handling.
  • Shorter braking distance.


The ideal choice for cost-conscious compact and midsize car drivers! The innovative SINCERA SN832 ECORUN represents a quantum leap in development by Falken’s engineers. Created with the help of pioneering 4D Nano Design technology, it features a new silica compound. The tread sports wide circumferential grooves and deep horizontal grooves, which minimize susceptibility to aquaplaning. Slim sipes have been included as well as an innovative silica compound and optimized design to improve overall wet grip.

Buy cheap Falken tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres


  • Low rolling resistance.
  • Secure handling in wet conditions.
  • Higher shoulder rib rigidity improves handling on dry roads.
  • Rounded casing contours deflect wear more evenly when load is applied.
  • Outstandingly economical.
  • 4 D Nano Design technologies.