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HiQ Easy Tyre Autocentres converted a number of local rugby players into wheely conscious tyre experts, after scrumming down for a one-off safety check.

HiQ Easy Tyre and Autocentres Erdington and Oldbury,made the short trip to Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club, where technicians were on hand to test all supporters’ and players’ car tyres, in a bid to raise safety awareness both on and off the rugby field.

A total of 350 vehicles, owned by members of the public, were checked, and HiQ discovered 11 illegal tyres, and a further 39 near to the minimum legal tread depth.

The tyre checks are the first of their kind to be carried out by HiQ Easy Tyre and Autocentres, and coincided with Goodyear’s Rugby Ready programme, which is designed to support coaches, referees, players, and unions in preparing to play by providing best practice models for physical conditioning, technique, injury prevention and injury management.

Marketing manager Emma-Jane Kisby said the tyre checking activity was a huge success with over 350 visitors’ vehicle tyres checked.

She said: “The tyre checks were a great success on a number of levels.

“Finding 11 illegal tyres might not sound a huge amount, but they are potentially life threatening, with no tread and thread poking out of the rubber.

“We were able to educate drivers about the legal tread depths of tyres, before using state-of-the-art portable testing equipment to check the tyres.

“We tested hundreds of cars during the event, and it was a valuable exercise for HiQ Easy Tyre and Autocentres, as we bid to educate motorists around the country about tyre safety.”

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