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Free Summer Vehicle Health Check

As the weather gets hotter and more of us take to the road to visit friends, family or simply escape to other parts of the UK, there really is no better time to give your vehicle the once-over - with a FREE Vehicle Health Check. This will give you complete peace of mind that you will reach your destination safely, and without any unfortunate breakdowns.

At Easy Tyre & Autocentres we are offering a FREE Vehicle Health Check with any online purchase. When our experienced technicians have checked over your vehicle, we'll create an easy-to-follow report highlighting any problems that we may have spotted.

We never put any pressure on our customers, so there's no obligation to carry out any work with us - but if you have any queries or would like one of our trained technicians to repair your vehicle, we will offer you a detailed quote of parts and labour before we undertake any work.


As part of your FREE VEHICLE HEALTH CHECK, we will undertake:

Are Winter Tyres Worth It?

Winter tyres may seem like an extra and perhaps unnecessary expense to UK residents as we do not usually suffer the extreme temperatures and weather conditions as other countries, such as Germany, where it is a legal requirement to switch to winter tyres when seasons change.

Is Your Car Battery Ready For Winter?

Did you know battery faults are a common cause of breakdown? Furthermore, when cold weather hits, your battery is more likely to fail. HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres have put together some helpful advice for looking after your battery this winter and decrease your chance of having a car related breakdown or problem.

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