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Is your car ready for winter?

Vehicle maintenance is important throughout the year, but especially so in the winter months. From your tyres, to your car battery - monitoring all elements of your car will help prevent being caught out as the temperature drops.


Your car battery

If you notice your car beginning to struggle as it turns over, it might be time to start looking for a new battery. Another sign of a failing battery is dimmed lights, which can be incredibly dangerous as the days get shorter during the winter months. If you think your battery may be coming to the end of its life simply search for a replacement online here or contact your local HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres.



At HiQ Easy Tyres & Autocentres we recommend changing your tyres when the tread is 3mm or less, especially when driving in wet and icy conditions.  It is also important to look for tyre damage such as cuts or bulges and check the pressure weekly.  For optimum winter driving, it is worth considering investing in winter tyres, as these are specially designed to deal with winter conditions and greatly improve braking distances on wet or icy roads.



Make sure there is sufficient anti-freeze in the coolant to avoid it freezing at low temperatures. 



It’s not just the outside of your car you need to consider, what you carry inside your car will help you prepare for the worst, in case you find yourself stuck in the snow or ice on a cold winter morning.


Survival Kit:

·         Fully-charged mobile phone and in-car charger

·         Warm clothes

·         Bottle of Water

·         De-icer

·         Ice scraper

·         Spade

·         Jump leads

·         Bits of carpet or thick cardboard to place under driven wheels to help regain traction

·         Torch and batteries


So wherever you may be travelling in the chilly weather this year, make sure both you and your car are prepared. 



Are Winter Tyres Worth It?

Winter tyres may seem like an extra and perhaps unnecessary expense to UK residents as we do not usually suffer the extreme temperatures and weather conditions as other countries, such as Germany, where it is a legal requirement to switch to winter tyres when seasons change.

Is Your Car Battery Ready For Winter?

Did you know battery faults are a common cause of breakdown? Furthermore, when cold weather hits, your battery is more likely to fail. HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres have put together some helpful advice for looking after your battery this winter and decrease your chance of having a car related breakdown or problem.

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