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MOT vs Car Servicing

What is the difference? Which is essential? HiQ Easy Tyre and Autocentre explain what is crucial when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

MOT Test

The MOT test is a legal requirement and must be undertaken every year once your vehicle is three years old. This test must be carried out at a DVSA approved test centre and is governed by strict guidelines set by the government. Driving a vehicle without a valid MOT is illegal and in some cases can invalidate your car insurance.

The MOT test will meticulously check areas of your car to ensure that it is safe to drive. Checks include ensuring that your mirrors are not obstructed, your lights are working and correctly positioned and that your brakes are in working order amongst a long list of other things. Once you have passed your MOT test, your car is deemed roadworthy for the following twelve months.

Car Servicing

Unlike the MOT test, car servicing is not a legal requirement. It is, however, one of the most important things that you need to do for your vehicle. During the MOT test, the technicians are not allowed to dismantle your vehicle and properly inspect for internal damage, so regular servicing means that you can be confident that all areas of you vehicle have been checked.

An MOT test is a periodic inspection for safety and centres around ensuring the safety of the driver, their passengers and other road users. A service, on the other hand, is needed to take care of the car.

Although two trips to the garage a year can seem costly on the surface, having regular car servicing is more economical. This is because regular servicing will reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and unexpected hefty repair bills! Servicing also ensures that your engine is performing to its full potential, which allows for maximum fuel economy.

Do I need an MOT or a Service?

The short answer is both! Many people are misinformed and believe that a service is simply another name for an MOT test, when in reality the two are equally important and serve different purposes.

MOT testing and car servicing are therefore required in tandem in order for your vehicle to be healthy, safe and legal to drive.

Here at HiQ Easy Tyre and Autocentres we recommend having your vehicle serviced every twelve months. We offer a range of servicing options, so you can be sure we can provide the ideal service to suit your vehicle. Book your next service and MOT together with HiQ Easy Tyre and Autocentres today and save £10 on your MOT.

Alternatively, click here to find your local centre and get in touch if you require further information about car servicing or the MOT test.

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