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Sava Car & Van Tyres

Buy cheap Sava tyres online from HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Very affordable and high quality, Sava are the perfect value tyre choice. Sava tyres are available to buy online for fitment at your local HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres.

Buy cheap Sava Intensa Tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Intensa HP

The Intensa HP is a high specification tyre that gives drivers optimum performance. The continuous centre-line rib improves handling accuracy and steering response. At the same time the directional tread pattern aids performance in the wet.

  • High performance summer tyre
  • Features a new silica compound and improved tread design
  • Good mileage performance with high performance standards
  • Exceptional wet braking and wet handling performance
  • Wear uniformity

Buy cheap Sava Perfecta tyres online from HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres


Designed for high mileage driving, the Sava Perfecta has optimised contours and special 4-rib tread to ensure maximum contact with the road and maximise road holding. The tyre tread is designed to wear evenly and the tyre performs well on wet road surfaces especially.

  • For high car mileage driving
  • Improved contours and special 4-rib tread design means more rubber in contact with the road
  • Regular tread wear and good wet braking performance
  • The reliable choice for economical and safe driving
  • Low noise level
Buy cheap Sava Effecta + Tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Effecta +

Specifically formulated to give maximum mileage with minimum fuel consumption, the Sava Effecta + is a great choice for reliability and economy. Performing well in the wet with good aquaplaning resistance, the solid centre rib also helps reduce tyre noise whilst improving vehicle control.

  • Reliable and economic
  • Good aquaplaning resistance
  • Reduced tyre noise
  • Improved control
Buy cheap Sava Intensa UHP tyres online from HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres

Intensa UHP

This tyre is Sava's ultra-high performance summer car tyre that offers excellent dry and wet handling performance. The Sava Intensa UHP offers lower fuel consumption and low energy dissipation due to its full silica tread compound.

  • For high performance cars
  • Precision dry handling
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Dependable wet performance
  • Low noise level
Buy cheap Sava Trenta Tyres online at HiQ Easy Tyre & Autocentres


The Trenta is a long lasting and reliable summer tyre for vans and light trucks. This tyre is ideal for value conscious drivers, delivering performance and affordability. High mileage and Sava quality construction make this tyre the idea choice.

  • For value conscious drivers of vans and light trucks
  • Delivers performance with affordability
  • Reliable summer handling
  • Suitable for all axles
  • High mileage capabilities
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