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What are Summer Tyres?

Summer tyres are what most people know as normal tyre or standard tyres. More specifically they are tyres that are not specifically labelled as winter tyres or all season tyres.

Until the release of the winter and all season tyre, there was only one kind of tyre compound available on the market. Advances in manufacturer technology in recent decades have changed this and as a result, the market has become more bespoke and competitive. This has led to the definition of the summer tyre which properties excel in temperatures above 7°C.

Some drivers still use summer tyres all year round. In very bad winter weather conditions, driving on summer tyres can be very difficult and dangerous. Therefore you should judge your tyre requirements based on the seasonal conditions in your area, your driving style and your vehicle performance preferences.

The properties of Summer Tyres

Tread Pattern Impact: Summer tyres usually have less grooving included in their tread pattern. This is to ensure as much rubber is in contact with the road as possible. A large footprint or contact patch means better grip and traction in warmer temperatures and on roads clear of weather.

Compound Characteristics: As a summer tyre is made of compounds designed to excel in warmer temperatures, this means that summer tyres are ideal for, and therefore built for, speed and agility. These conditions allow tyres to excel in performance characteristics such as responsiveness, cornering and braking.

Wet Performance: Summer tyres offer excellent performance in wet and damp weather conditions too. Just as a winter tyre is designed to excel in ice or snow, the elements of a summer tyre enable it to outperform any other in terms of wet grip and reduction in aquaplaning. The unique tread patterns included in the design of summer tyres help evacuate water as rapidly as possible to perform to the best of its abilities. So in comparison to an all season tyre, a summer tyre will offer inadequate snow traction, but for the same reason it provides brilliant damp-road traction and performance.

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